Denise M. Oehl Photography

Denise M. Oehl Photography

From the series 'Night Shots'
From the series 'Night Shots'

About Me

Artist Statement


My relationship to my environment is voyeuristic. I search for textures, compositions and subjects that reflect the uniqueness of my surroundings.  Most of all, I look for things that elicit a personal and emotional response.  

I am currently using a medium format camera with a ground glass viewer, I am able to carefully compose, with a square, the image I hope to capture.  In the darkroom, I am drawn to the Ziatype process, for it's softness, and long range of tonality to complete my vision. 

Pinhole Photographs


My first experience with print photography  was with a pinhole camera.  This  project was a self portrait study.  I exhibited photographs as an installation with 500 faces in Brooklyn and Detroit with Robert Oehl.

Street Photography


New York has always been a rich environment for observation. Life is on the streets.


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